The Isaacs

Darrell & Donna Isaacs

All of our grandkids were relocating to the San Diego area and we knew we wanted to be closer to them, especially while they were young. After looking in the San Diego market for more than a year without success, we enjoyed a serendipitous moment in finding Fallbrook and a perfect home. But finding our church was a challenge.

Driving by Joe’s Hardware we noticed a sign inviting us to Inland Hills and decided that as we didn’t have success on past Sundays, let’s try one more. We knew what we were looking for and hadn’t found it. We were looking for a place to call home that loved honest heartfelt worship, and where the Word had depth and substance. But we also wanted a friendly place, with maybe some other Seniors, and a Pastor who was comfortable ministering to all age spectrums.

We quickly loved the honesty and transparency of Pastor Ryan. The worship with Steve was real and not perfunctory. And Pastor’s 3 week invitation to visit without commitment, coupled with the church praying for another local church, all spoke to us. Our small group is a weekly highlight, and we love getting to know more of our “new” family here and being a part of a thriving fellowship.